Your story deserves to be told.


To understand this movement- I need you to know what it's not. It is not a boudoir shoot. It is not about anyone, but you. These photos represent the exhale that comes from your own liberation.

These have been created because many of us- myself included- have lived lifetimes of suppression of our divine feminine. 


The sovereign sessions are the exhale you’ve been longing for.


They are a metaphorical unshackling.


This is your chance to celebrate the liberation of your story.

YOUR STORY. That's what this movement is all about. I want to live in a world where we all sing our stories with piercing clarity. We all possess the puzzle pieces to help thousands move through their pain with ease and grace. 

This movement is here to light the world up- as we send our signals to fellow awakened humans that it's time to gather and sing our stories. I hope you see how sharing your story will liberate another human from the shackles that bind and mutilate them.


We are not simply photographing your body's beautiful expression. We are celebrating your personal liberation. Your body, the vessel that has lived your story- is full of trauma to be released. 

It is my goal to facilitate an experience that allows your body to move through your story. 


The Exhale exists as a platform to heal the world. We heal the world by reclaiming the power over our bodies and our stories

My story is a tale of transformation.

My story was an inheritance of powerlessness and unworthiness.

My story lives and breathes in the collective unconscious. 

My early life began with carrying the pain of shame I caused my mother by growing in her belly. She was poisoned with unworthiness, so she gave me away.

The other big piece of my story comes from the worthlessness & powerlessness I felt as a little girl while being repeatedly sexually abused by my primary teacher.

I carried such tremendous shame for these pieces of me for the majority of my life. As I've found the courage to share my story, I've found these are not just my issues- but our collective societal issues. Those stories that I once used to repeatedly punish myself, and to reinforce my unworthiness have now lost their power over me. They have become the power that fuels this movement.

I have made a life out of witnessing women in their transformation. The women I work with possess a profound level of courage and strength to feel it, all of it. I have held a compassionate space for thousands of women to share their stories of shame and unshackle one another. It is through the eyes of countless other women that I found the courage to move beyond my own demons.

I am as strong as I am because I stand on the shoulder of countless courageous women.

I am so sacred.

I am so worthy.

I am so beautiful.

I am so courageous.

I am infinitely creative.


I am powerful.




Write & share your story

Release your photos to be shared 

Participate in the movement

Receive the weekly newsletter sharing the stories of the exhale

Joining the movement:

​~ Prepared written story to share with me, ready to go and sent over prior to our scheduled shoot. MANDATORY

~ Photos released to be shared in the movement (Nudity will be discussed/ shared with discretion)

~ Photos/ story will be released to share with The Stories of the Exhale- including but not limited to gallery shows, email newsletters, social media, photo books, any other form of storytelling.

~ You will always be credited below your image and your story. (& linked to if the platform allows.) My intent is to create a platform to get your story out to the World. I do not own your story- I am merely a vessel for your story to flow through.

~ A testimonial would be much appreciated to bolster the growth of this movement. To be shared on either my online presence, your social media or ideally, both <3

~ As I host gallery shows, I would love to invite you to attend and share a short in person telling (5 minutes or less) of your story. This is not required, but I want to plant the seed in you to find the courage to share your story with a group of supportive strangers.


True transformation occurs when our stories lose their power over us & become our power.


  • 60-minute session total


  • 30 minutes spent sharing your story as we create the vision for your photoshoot


  • 30 minutes spent photographing you as you move from a shadow expression into the light expression of your story


  • 10 edited images delivered

  • Option to purchase more images

PRICE | $300


  • 80-minute session total


  • 30 minutes spent sharing your story as we create the vision for your photoshoot


  • 50 minutes spent photographing you as you move from 2 shadow expressions into 2 light expressions of your story


  • 20 edited images delivered

  • Option to purchase more images


  • 120-minute session total


  • 30 minutes spent sharing your story as we create the vision for your photoshoot


  • 90 minutes spent photographing you as you move from multiple shadow expressions into various light expressions of your story (Multiple setting/ outfit/ styling changes can be used)


  • 40 edited images delivered

  • Option to purchase more images

PRICE | $400

PRICE | $555

- Kailey Doty

"I was definitely divinely guided by my angels to work with Carrie. I have been manifesting a deep and creative outlet for healing, and a way to be vulnerable and share my story. The movement Carrie has created aligns with my soul in a perfect way. She holds such a safe and beautiful space that truly inspires your vulnerability to share your experiences, and turn them into art and inspiration. Thinking back on our session brings me tears from every aspect, the warmth her space holds, the sincere and honest love Carrie shares, and her passion of the beauty of her photography. Becoming a part of the Sovereign Movement was the absolute best decision I could have made. I feel empowered, beautiful, and divine love for myself because of the photos she took and I haven't felt that often in my life. <3

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carrie. "


All sessions are priced to be facilitated at my home studio up Emigration Canyon. It's dreamy up here. There's a stream that runs through the backyard, tall trees, and a very cozy and creative nest of a home. At my home studio, we have various private locations to choose from. 

The address will be sent to you once your session has been booked.

Additionally, if you wish to either have me come to you, or any other location within Salt Lake- there will be a $50 travel fee added on.