The Sovereign Sessions are the


you've been longing for.

The Sovereign Sessions are my soul's ultimate creation. They are a long pause as you breathe in your worthiness.

This is my loving response to an inheritance of shame, silence, and oppression. 

The Sovereign Sessions exist not despite, but because I was taken from my Mother as a 5 day-old baby.

They are my love letter to my Mother. I can't turn back time and change the past. I can't take away the pain that I caused you by growing in your belly. I can, however, use my artistic eye, my acceptance, and my love to heal that very same shame in other women who inherited the same World as you and I did.

They exist so that you will never again forget how sacred, strong, and beautiful you are in every cell of your being.


We met in a place just beyond where words can reach. 
Writing ends where the body’s body begins. 
A dark reckoning of a deeper knowing.
In the beginning was not the word. 
The word is birthed from what my body knows sovereign to light.
The body is that silence that knows itself completely.
And in that silence you knew me.


- The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy

The Sovereign Sessions are an opportunity for you reconnect with what has been lost. They are an experience of sacred embodiment. During this experience, you will heal old stories as you finally see yourself for the all-encompassing woman that you are. This is an opportunity for any woman who is longing to reclaim her sensual expression as she heals her trauma.

The Sovereign Sessions are an experience unlink any other. They look different for every woman I work with. We will most likely sip tea together as we move through fears/ old stories/ sexual abuse trauma/ body image issues etc.

It is highly likely that we will experience a variety of emotions together - anger, fear, sorrow, liberation, and joy among other emotions often find an outlet during a session.

These sessions take anywhere from 2- 4 hours.

This sacred experience is not a commodity. It is not one size fits alls. 

We will move through multiple scenes to witness you in your sovereignty. Additionally, you might be dressed in lingerie, wrapped in silk, tied up in rope, adorned with flowers, or simply wrapped up in a sheet.

You will receive up to 30 images from our session. 

You will be given the option to purchase additional photos.

PRICE | $555

Working with Carrie was a dream. We met at a coffee shop a week before I was leading a retreat, and by end of the week, she was driving us down to the desert for the retreat. The retreat was geared around our awakening our sensuality and our true authentic nature's. Carrie was authentic and sensual from the start with no hesitation. She helped everyone else feel comfortable in their skin by being comfortable in her own skin. I felt so comfortable with Carrie in our sovereign session, I was able to fully let go and go into a sensual trance. As I moved around, she moved around me. I never felt at any point that there was a camera following me, but instead, an eye that wanted to embrace and celebrate the sensual yummy wisdom of the body.

Hannah Hausman | Awaken the WILD Goddess within