You have a song to share with the world. 

The song of your heart is the forbidden and viscous lantern. 

You can no longer hide the fullness of yourself, allowing the elixir of life to rot.

Allow yourself to break free from the girdle of the small silence.

May you birth a movement that stands witness to your emancipation, deliciously dripping with the truth of your enraptured and oh-so-worthy heart. 

As a photographer, writer, and all-around sensitive creative type, l Iive and breathe to articulate the story of the soul. 

Mine is a story of liberation. My craft serves as a testament to my sovereignty.

I am astounded by the magic bubbling under the surface of this salt bed I call home. It's a potent magic, forged in the fiery furnace of theological disfunction.

To the fearless creators (of all genders) with robust and courageous hearts, I honor you. You have alchemized your wounds, turning your pain into a salve for your community.

You've been spotted on the path.

You can't hide any longer.

You need images that speak to the depth of your potent offerings. 

I'd like to make emotionally resonant photography accessible to the heart-centered leaders, healers, visionaries, and all-around courageous misfits of my community.

So I've hatched a plan.

I typically charge $555 for a delicious one-on-one branding session/ sovereign session photoshoot. Those sessions are incredible. They are so alive and meditative and deep. Clients receive 40 images with each shoot. If that is within your budget and you'd like to go on a private two hour intimate deep dive with me, I would highly recommend taking the leap and scheduling your session now. ​

If that sounds amazing, but is beyond your budget- I've got something up my sleeve for you.

I've created a special group photoshoot series for a discounted price. 

Below you will find the locations and dates of various outdoor shoots. Each location will offer 4 | 45-minute sessions available within each shoot. Each session will be offered at a discounted rate of $250. 12 images will be included with each session. 

FINE PRINT: Additional images may be purchased. Two outfits max per 45-minute shoot. Drapes, fabrics, robes, lingerie, and dresses are quickest to change if multiple looks are desired. Open to all genders. These shoots are not the done up and styled sort of thing. They are about capturing the candid truth of your soul and your heart underneath all masks. Please do not over complicate it. You are enough as you are. The life in your eyes and the liberation of your body is enough to create a beautiful image, no matter what you decide to wear or not wear.  All shoots will be outdoors and weather dependent. If there is rain we will reschedule. 50% deposit required at time of booking. You may choose to pay the entirety of the fee upfront. I am calling all humans who desire to share their hearts with their community. This invitation extends to lovers, healers, artists, activists, visionaries, writers, and dreamers. This is not a private shoot, 3-4 kind and loving people will be on set witnessing, honoring, and assisting for most of the shoot. 



When: Tuesday, May 26th & Saturday, May 30th 

Location: Great Salt Lake

Times available between 5 - 8 PM



When: Monday, June 1st

Location: Big Cottonwood Canyon

Times available between 5 - 8 PM



When: TBD

Location: Might be a camping trip.

Email if interested.

More times and group spots available.


When: Sunday, June 14th

Location: Little Saraha (2 hr drive from SLC)

Times available between 5 - 8 PM


ADDITIONALLY: I'm always on the hunt for dreamy locations for yummy and sensual branding photoshoots and sovereign session locations. If you have a dreamy location idea, please email me at with images. Quick iPhone images are fine. We can schedule tea time so I can check out the location. 

Locations I'm always looking for:

A dreamy bathtub with a big window 

Beautiful cabin in the woods

Beautiful home with ample natural light

Sensual boudoir with natural light

A heavenly garden

An outdoor bathtub, obvs

You are welcome to email me with a location suggestion that's not on this list. 

If I love your location and want to arrange a shoot there, I will offer you a $100 credit toward a photoshoot of your choosing. 

Most photoshoots of this nature will last 4 hours and be open to up to 4 heart-centered humans.

- Kailey Doty

"I was definitely divinely guided by my angels to work with Carrie. I have been manifesting a deep and creative outlet for healing, and a way to be vulnerable and share my story. The movement Carrie has created aligns with my soul in a perfect way. She holds such a safe and beautiful space that truly inspires your vulnerability to share your experiences, and turn them into art and inspiration. Thinking back on our session brings me tears from every aspect, the warmth her space holds, the sincere and honest love Carrie shares, and her passion of the beauty of her photography. Becoming a part of the Sovereign Movement was the absolute best decision I could have made. I feel empowered, beautiful, and divine love for myself because of the photos she took and I haven't felt that often in my life. <3

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carrie. "