Site, words, and imagery created by the soul of yours truly.

We have a song to share with the world. 

Our song will be the loving light that pierces the darkness.

Our bodies are sacred vessels of love and divinity.

Our sexuality heals.


Through our wombs, we transmute pain and fear into love and acceptance.

For as long as we shame our bodies, fear our own sexuality (and the sexuality of others), we are giving the keys to our shackles to the darkness.

I will not cease creating until every woman understands-

Your body is not shameful.

Your sexuality is not shameful.

It is time for you to reclaim the key. It is time for you to remove the veil of fear. 

It is time for you to step into your sovereignty.

It is time for you to build a life around nurturing your divine form as you cultivate your divine gifts.

It is time to remove the veils of fear.

We are here to celebrate you, in your


















- Kailey Doty

"I was definitely divinely guided by my angels to work with Carrie. I have been manifesting a deep and creative outlet for healing, and a way to be vulnerable and share my story. The movement Carrie has created aligns with my soul in a perfect way. She holds such a safe and beautiful space that truly inspires your vulnerability to share your experiences, and turn them into art and inspiration. Thinking back on our session brings me tears from every aspect, the warmth her space holds, the sincere and honest love Carrie shares, and her passion of the beauty of her photography. Becoming a part of the Sovereign Movement was the absolute best decision I could have made. I feel empowered, beautiful, and divine love for myself because of the photos she took and I haven't felt that often in my life. <3

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carrie. "

  • 45-minute session total

  • 10 edited images delivered

  • More images can be purchased

  • 75-minute session total


  • 20 edited images delivered

  • More images can be purchased

  • 120-minute session total


  • 40 edited images delivered

  • More images can be purchased