Your Story MATTERS.

Have you ever felt so completely alone in your pain?

Have you felt like there was no one you could turn to, to ask for support?

Have you ever felt so lost that you couldn’t fathom that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel?

Have you ever felt like the pain you were experiencing might completely crush you?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Once you finally make it to the other side, do you look back and think- Wow. Look at that- I made it through!?

Plus, look at all these new skills, hobbies, pieces of me I’ve picked up and exposed along the way.

I don’t know what I was so afraid- this new iteration of me is a bad ass!

Do you know that you're not done yet...

There’s one more step to this journey that many of us miss/ postpone/ say we'll get to another day.

And in my opinion- this is the most important part!

You are now assigned as the torch bearer for another.

For most of human history, raising that torch looked like being there in person for someone you loved.

But very recently there has been an disruption to the way everything once slowly chugged along...

That disruption is the internet. You and I and everyone alike has the ability to instantly share what they’ve learned and connect on the deepest soul level with someone in France, New Zealand, China, or Madagascar.

That technology is accelerating the evolution of human consciousness at an incredible rate.

It’s also exacerbating societal issues in the way we live- how easy it is to be detached, to isolate, to disconnect from the world.

We are all so incredibly fortunate to be born into this time as awakened human consciousness is erupting. It’s happening fast. And it's happening on the deepest level.

I attribute the speed of this eruption to this new way we can transfer beliefs from one side of our planet to the other in a millisecond.

That’s what any good story does. It serves as a way to transfer a belief/ epiphany/ piece of awareness- from one person to the next. The best stories are deeply personal and vulnerable.

We all have them. We all have the ability to share our story and assist in connecting the dots for thousands of people.

I believe we all can live in this world where we are lit up like christmas trees after we’ve unwrapped our soul’s compass and found our purpose.

(Side note- I know I hated hearing the “find your purpose” phrase. It sort of shamed me because I felt wrong for having so many interests, passions, and directions. The secret is as you get deeper and deeper and deeper- you will see how it is all connected. It’s in there- we just have to find that common thread inside of you… this might be one of the most important pieces of BIG Work- discovering the common thread that ties it all together.)

When we share our story with others- it has the power to instantly unshackle them from a belief they were holding on to that no longer serves them- especially if they can see themselves and their story in us.

I am so beyond passionate about turning pain into power. My most favorite of the alchemical potions in my arsenal is to assist my clients in doing that through creation. Be that photography, design, web design, writing, storytelling, business design etc.

I am dead serious when I say I’m creating a movement of storytellers. We will seriously change the World and shift consciousness by sharing our stories. 

Our vulnerable stories and breakthroughs offer the bridge for another person to cross.

You are worthy. You matter. Your story is oxygen for somebody else.


Get your story out already! I just can’t wear my soft and understanding hat anymore.

I can see who this message is intended for. I see it in you. I see all of these difficult experiences you’ve chosen. You always knew you were here for great things. You always knew your soul was called to help others and create a movement.

The time is now. 2020 will be here in a blink of an eye.


This is the season to prepare the brew. Create it now so you can hit the ground running as this new decade of cataclysmic shifts begins.

I know you’re scared that you’re not good enough. We’re all scared. But we have to find the courage to do it anyway.


Check out this amazing interview that Rochelle facilitated highlighting the the BIG Work experience.

BIG Work launches- tomorrow! BONUS- I'm opening up my home aka the creative nest (seen below) for an optional weekly get together as we share in person how our experience has been. I've heard from so many of you how much you love to meet in person- and I hear ya loud and clear. I love to workshop my story/ mission/ purpose in person with people I admire and love too.

I can feel you wanting to join us on this journey- but know your fears are getting in your way.

Send me an email to

Let me know what's holding you back. Don't let money stop you- we can work something out. Talk to me, babe.

Xo (with a dash of #toughlovetuesday mindset ;)


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