If you haven't been an amoeba on the side of a sponge, this won't work between us.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Have you ever lived in a raging dumpster fire of your own making?

Do you have a club of haters?

Are you the kind of person who draws outside of the lines and fills up the entire page, only to rip out the page in the coloring book when it no longer serves you?

I have to tell you, I'm intensely interested in working with courageous people who have something tender and juicy to bite into. I just find stories of rebirth to be the most exhilarating, salacious, honest, and deeply human stories we can share.

Are you a courageous creator who has been punishing yourself over a mistake you made? Have you walked away from the industry, friend group, religion, field where you grew?

My favorite people are the courageous misfits. The ones who just will never ever fit into that boring round hole. If this all sounds like you, I have something to share with you- but first let me tell you a little bit about how I got here.

I was served my ego death at the age of 28, shortly after the reality show aired. I owned a multi- six figure small fitness empire that I had built on the backbone of my heart. I had 22 employees, two locations, thousands of clients, a mortgage, a fiancee, and a dog. I left all of it, well, all of it but the dog. Susan is her name. She identifies as a middle-aged woman trapped in a dog's body.

What once nourished me all of a sudden depleted me. Just a few months prior, I thought I had it all. I was living my passion. I was jumping around in spandex, making killer playlists, and giggling and singing all the time. I was inspiring thousands of women to love themselves and love their bodies. I even had a reality show! Then it happened. I started metaphorically bleeding out. All the shadows within me that had gone unaddressed my entire life started to come out and overtake me. I woke up one day and realized I did it, I had climbed "the" mountain- only to look around to discover, the view wasn’t mine to claim.

I describe it as standing on a stage of my own making. When I finally wanted to get off the stage, I realized there was no exit. It was at that time that I felt the only way to exit was to burn the entire thing to the ground.

That was a deeply painful time. There were vultures who stepped in to feed on the pieces of my heart I had left behind- while harboring deeply unhealthy resentment toward me. Ouch!

I punished myself for a long time for not being able to hold it all together. For being unable to communicate boundaries with myself, my clients, and my employees. For being unable to ask for help. Leave it to panic attacks to ensure you listen when you've had the habit of shutting down your intuition for far too long. While it was a deeply painful experience to release all that I created, I am grateful beyond words for the awareness and strength that experience taught me.

During my stint as a single-cell organism, I spent my days licking my wounds and teaching chair aerobics classes at a senior living center. Those humans moonlighting in their sunset years provided me with the precise salve my bruised ego yearned for. I learned countless lessons on letting go, releasing anger, and forgiveness from my committed pupils - who showed up for their workout in anything from denim to pearls.

Since then, I've pivoted to offering my sturdy shoulders to support the community builders on the front lines. I believe we all have a purpose in us. Our task is to silence our ego long enough to hear it. In this life-time it brings me tremendous joy to lift up other entrepreneurs. You can't do it alone. You are not alone. There is a multitude of support out there if you know how to open yourself up to receive it. When you align with your purpose, support will find you.

What you seek is seeking you.

I know first-hand how much courage it takes to rebuild. I am here to help community builders like you tell their story. I've worked with some of the most loved and successful entrepreneurs in this city. The tools of story telling have become far more complex in the digital age. Gone are the days when we could simply tell our story around the campfire and be done with it.

I work with clients to develop branding, marketing, photography, content and so on. I have had numerous heart-driven entrepreneurs reach out to me to offer aid to them in bringing clarity to their message. That's why I've teamed up with The Intuition Academy to create a one-hour workshop on storytelling. As we're in the digital age, we'll be sharing this workshop online.

BTW- This exists because I have had so many of you reach out asking for my support in sharing your story. With that in mind. I created a free guide for you! I call it the Finding Your Story Guide.


Additionally, if you missed our live workshop, you can access the replay HERE.

“With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.”
Keshavan Nair

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