Do you know why you get hired, and inversely why you don't?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I wanted to ask you a simple question in the hopes of shedding some light on a piece of your marketing puzzle.

Why do you hire a yoga teacher, a nutritionist, a realtor, a photographer, a therapist, a reiki practitioner, a personal trainer, a coach, a healer of any kind, or a web designer?

To answer that question, let's first notice the commonality of those professions. They all create experiences for their clients. 

As we all know, the market is flushed with these types of professionals. Yet, some stand out far above the rest. Some have waiting lists a mile-long. What is it that has allowed them to be a magnet for their ideal clients?

The industry leaders who are truly excelling know exactly what they're marketing. They know that they're marketing themselves, yet the know it's not about them- it's about you. 

Let's go back to the question. So why would you hire a yoga teacher?

Hint, it has nothing to do with:

1. How good they are at balancing on their head 2. What size their body is 3. What brand of apparel they wear 4. If they have a six-pack 5. Where they received their certification 6. Which magazines they've been in 7. How woke their headband makes them look

Though 80% of yoga instructor's Insta feeds would try to convince you otherwise-

So what is it?  There are really only 2 things any of us are looking for when we hire any experience provider:

1. We hire people who we believe will understand us. 2. We hope to hire someone who has the capacity to open doors to new levels of understanding & awareness within us.

We're all looking for someone who gets us. Each of those people has the ability to be a sacred co-creator in our own lives. They open doors. They extract truth from within us. They bring insight and clarity to us. If you're to hire any one of them, you need to believe that they can understand you and understand your barriers. Your deepest desire is that they possess the ability to speak the language of your soul. 

As you step into your purpose, you will learn to find the courage to sing your truth from the rooftops. To sing your truth, fully knowing that the vultures are hovering ready to devour the carcass of your heart and all you've ever left behind. 

Are you ready to expose the pieces of your soul for the consumption of the masses? Do you know that most will not understand you? Old friends will judge you. You will be blocked on social media by people you once cared deeply about. They will gossip amongst themselves that you've changed. They'll say you've gone crazy. They'll say you've lost it as your priorities shift. It will cause them fear and anxiety to think that the values they care so deeply about are easily discarded by you. As you know, fear and judgment are caused by a lack of understanding. It is not your purpose to be understood by everyone. It is your purpose to integrate into your wholeness.

The point of shadow work is to get in touch with all sides of ourselves, embrace our wildness, embody our sacredness, and reconnect with our innate Wholeness.

As you learn to embrace all sides of yourself and embody sacredness you will find the strength to create and cultivate the movement you were born to lead. 


I've built a 4-week program that teaches you how to communicate your purpose with your people. We dive deep into understanding our own shadows as we flesh out how that shows up in our business. Our goal is to create sacred experiences for ourselves and our clients.

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