Do you know?

Do you know that your skin provides you with the opportunity for sensual connection to every sensation existing in every moment?

Do you know that your sexuality exists within you? It is not outside of you. It does not come and go based on the gaze of desire from another.

Do you know how powerful you will become once you reclaim your sexuality for yourself?

Do you know how sensual and nourishing a night in with yourself can be?

Do you know that the feeling you're running from is the whisper coming from your shadows, begging to be explored?

I did not know any of this for the first 31 years of my life. I was raised in a strict God fearing household. I was raised to believe that pleasure would be promptly chastised with pain. I was raised to fear my own sexuality and the self-confidence that awareness brings. I was raised to feel shame and guilt for my breasts and the power that they wield over men. I was raised to believe morality had more to do with how I expressed my sexuality than anything else I did.

I was raised to fear the power that comes from finding my own connection to myself. I was raised in a World where women were silenced and oppressed. I was raised to birth blindly obedient clones of myself. I was lead to believe that my soul's ultimate exaltation depended on it.

The tapestry of my adolescence was woven with threads comprised of fear, shame, and guilt. Fears of unworthiness offered a veiled compass for the majority of "my" decisions. The knowledge of my own power was completely lost on me. I lived that way for a long time. I was angry for a long time.

The powers that govern this World have always known, when a woman awakens to her intuition in that place of deep forever knowing, she will never again be controlled by fear, shame, or guilt.

I am learning to celebrate the power that comes from pain.

I am learning to bear witness to that power in others.

The backbone of our economy is the fear of unworthiness. Do you understand the implications of that deep down in your belly?

The house of cards is crumbling faster than we ever imagined it could. The awareness is rising.

Our intuition is heightening. We’ve learned to listen with our bellies. We’ve learned to see with our ears. We’ve learned to discern with our collective wisdom. The Mother has only just begun to reveal her secrets, we have much to learn from one another.

My offering is an experience of deserving. I have used the anger caused by the injustices of my childhood to offer an experience for women to reclaim their strength.

It is through this expression that we get to create the feeling of worthiness in the present. We will dismantle the old belief that one day I will be deserving, but today is not that day. My hope is that you will never forget what that feels like. May you remember your innate wisdom that lives inside of you. My goal is for you to live and breathe your depth of love for yourself fully. My dream is for you to be so full of gratitude for the wisdom inside of you that you offer yourself a gentle caress with the fullest expression of your loving touch every time you admire your beauty in the mirror.

I hope you are forever changed to realize your sexuality is innate within you. It does not come and go. It is not something you can hide under your bra or underwear. It is the way your spine creates a staircase down your back, it's the way the hairs on your neck stand on end, the curve of your shoulders, the discernment in your eyes, the upturn of your smile, and every ounce of energy you saunter into the room with which calls in your sexuality.The way you sip your coffee, make a salad, speak to the auto mechanic, and wash your dog is a manifestation of it. It is always there in every expression.

I hope you will always remember the truth.

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