Act Four- Healing our Planet by Learning to Receive Love

We live in a world where humans slaughter and kill other humans. We live in a world where our citizens our murdered by the very people who are put in place to protect us. We live in a country with for-profit prisons. We just don’t call it slavery anymore... We live in a world where profits matter more than people. We live in a society that blames each other for our own problems.

We have a government full of finger pointers. One “party” blames all injustices on the other “party”.

There are 7.6 billion humans walking this earth that need clean water, fresh food, shelter, and love.

While our earth provides for all 7.6 billion of us, some humans on this planet take far more resources than others to live.

Americans constitute 5% of the world's population but consume 24% of the world's energy.

The average American produces 2,072 pounds trash per year.

The average American throws away 103 lbs of food per year.

40% of American adults are obese.

In the US, each household produces 48 tons of greenhouse gases. Transport, housing and food have the three largest carbon footprints. Food produces about 8 tons of emissions per household

If undeveloped countries consumed at the same rate as the US , four complete planets the size of the Earth would be required.

Pointing our fingers at corporations, government officials, and other humans will never satiate our own appetites.

We will never heal our planet until we address our American culture of ignorant over-indulgence.

We set the pace of demand with our dollars.

We know that.

If you’re anything like me, you might become despondent by being reminded of the gravity of our situation. You might think, how can I change this? Our earth clearly can not sustain the rate at which we are depleting her. You might take to the streets, protesting corporations, government policies, and other antiquated neolithic capitalistic structures.

You might believe using your voice of anger, frustration, blame, and 'shame on you’ rhetoric will enact change. As you look to history, has that worked? Is that the way we’ve ever moved the cultural needle? Through public blaming, shaming, and finger pointing?

When I reflect on an American movement that truly offered the catalyst to evolve consciousness, one movement stands alone in its power and scope. This movement truly created lasting cultural change.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, aka the King of love, created and catalyzed an entire movement built on love. He asked all who participated to embody love. Hearts and minds of the once ignorant, evolved. Thanks to the impassioned and courageous voices of love, we all now live in a very different country.

If history has taught us anything, we can never change peoples minds by entering their minds. Our words are granted access to our audiences mind if we enter through their heart. Our words hold no weight if we do not embody what we say.

Are you able to see how finger pointing and blaming further perpetuates the problem? I too was once part of the problem. I too felt angry about inheriting a world I didn’t agree with- yet felt caught in the cycle of consumption. I too once thought the way to change was by convincing others to change. I can now see how silly my naive thinking was.

The more beautiful world we believe in, is possible. We will never achieve it by convincing others to change. Our messages will fall on deaf ears when we point fingers and accuse others of living immorally.

We have all heard Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote:

"You must be the change you want to see in the world."

If only we could hear and embody those words in our heart, we would truly live in heaven on earth. I often ponder how it is that almost everyone I meet believes they give more than they receive. I often wonder where are all the receivers. It is easy to see the dysfunction that comes out of people as they feel so empty on the inside, so depleted, after giving all day, day in and day out.

My radical proposal is… what if we could simply change the world with our ripple effect. What if it is as easy as Gandhi says. What if we change the world by remembering who we are?

Something amazing happens in life when you learn to receive and embody love at all times. You will naturally begin to consume waaaaay less. When you truly understand and remember who you are, you understand that you have everything you need. You feel so content sitting in stillness looking out the window perched on your meditation pillow. You don’t need to take a vacation from your life. You don’t need to throw yourself into work all the time, or neurotically clean your house to create a false sense of safety and order. You are liberated from being the good girl or the good boy. You desire to just live simply. You desire to just spend time alone with yourself. You stop running from yourself. You stop being gluttonous trying to fill the hole inside of you that tells you you’re unlovable.

Self-care is the gateway drug to living in alignment.

It all begins with saying no to meetings so you can carve out time to move your body on a regular basis. A fresh and colorful diet will follow.

As you learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, you’ll make further adjustments to your diet in accordance with your wisdom, and the earth’s wisdom. You’ll naturally begin to eat far less high-emission foods. You’ll feel the gravity and cruelty of factory farming on a deeper level.

You’ll cut out food groups

You’ll discover you have more energy now that you eat a more colorful and balanced diet as you also make time for yourself with ease.

You’ll learn to embrace your precious time spent alone. You’ll start to create more in your spare time. You’ll start to be able to listen on a deeper level. As you create your art, you’ll understand our deeply human desire to speak with God’s tongue.

As you find that you have more time, you’ll be able to donate your time to volunteering to support worthy causes. I started volunteering with my local permaculture guild. I desire to live in a world where colorful and nutritious food is valued and never wasted. Lending my time and sturdy shoulders to empowering community members to be more self-reliant seems like a great way to spend my time.

As you begin to cherish the beauty and the stillness that surrounds you, you’ll start to live simply. A good book and a cup of tea with provide you far more love and gratitude than a boat ever could.

As you spend your free time connecting with the earth, you’ll be far more aware of what it takes to produce food, fuel, textiles, and clean water. You’ll buy less clothes because you can’t stomach the feeling you get when you see “made in Cambodia… China… Indonesia" - insert any other country with loose child labor, safety, and emission laws.

You’ll learn to love and appreciate your body through dance, movement, sensual experiences, and exercise. Your body will look so healthy and delicious. The clothes you wear will have little impact on the innate self-worth you feel as you enter any room. You will begin to always feel confident, radiant, sexy, and deliciously fun.

You will not need to dye your hair. You will not need eyelashes, breast implants, makeup, puffy lips, longer hair, shorter hair… etc. You will simply feel alive. And feeling alive is the sexiest feeling to embody on this planet.

As you live a life where you feel loved and deliciously worthy at all times, you will naturally shirk addictions you had to substances or experiences in the past.

I lived many years of my life having 2-4 drinks of alcohol every night. There were many years that my evenings would feel incomplete without a glass of wine or a cocktail. This feeling has completely evaporated. I did not put any effort into drinking less. I did not even think about it.

The desire to ‘unwind' has just evaporated. It happened naturally as I started feeling so good every day. I love my sober mind. I love the way my body feels in its natural form. It was easy to notice how alcohol would often make me feel worse. Because of this, it felt effortless to transition to a life free of substance abuse/ reliance.

After I had a healthy foundation of true gratitude for myself in place, something truly remarkable happened. All my life, I walked the earth seeking love, falsely believing it was something outside of me. In an instant on one very special night, my soul found it’s way home. I finally felt the love that has always enveloped me, and I felt it in my heart- for the very first time.

I never wanted to come to this earth. I never wanted to leave my mother’s womb as I knew we would be separated shortly after. I left my heart in outer space when they ripped me from my Mother's belly. They took me from her womb because I refused to bring my heart into this world. I never forgave myself for being born and for the pain that I caused her by growing inside of her- I was a living and breathing testament to her unworthiness.

I have searched for my heart my entire life. I finally brought it home.

My love is now here all the time. I no longer seek it out, I understand it is here at all times.

I now bring love, receptivity, and gratitude to every interaction I have on this planet. I easily embody joyous heaven on earth.

While I am special and sacred, I am not unique in this ability. We all have a sea of love within us. We can all be worshipped like the God(dess) that we are. We can all feel like heaven on earth to all who have the eyes and hearts to see. I simply embody this because I remember who I am. You will easily become this kind of person when you remember who you are.

When you learn to receive and feel love, it is so easy to be transported on a gentle river to the center of the essence of the universe whenever you like.

Living in tune with our rhythm and the rhythm of the earth is asked of all 7.6 billion humans on this planet. It is our destiny. We get to unshackle ourselves from our stories of unworthy, unlovable, and victim. Once we shirk our unworthy programming, we are free to live out our destiny as we become the creators and healers we were born to be.

The time has come for us to remember who we are. It is our destiny to live in alignment with ourselves and our planet.

What would change in your life if you believed you were innately worthy of love?

How would your life change if you danced in accordance with your truth?

I chose this life to become this woman so that I can gently guide you across the river. You do not have to suffer. It does not have to be a difficult journey. It will be as easy and gentle as you believe it can be. I am creating a group so we can gently guide ourselves across the bridge together. I am committed to healing the planet with love.

The FB group is called Remembering. I invite you to join us here.

This group is for everyone who cares deeply about healing our earth. Our community recognizes we will do so through our ripples of remembering. This group will compassionately guide one another across the bridge. We will embody heaven on earth, as we are no longer tethered to the illusory us vs them shores.

(Creating a FB group scares me. I am a soulful and creative woman who cherishes her alone time.)

Noise and clutter will not find a home in this community.

Instead, this community will live and breathe as an embodied soulful and sacred sanctuary.

To receive love, we must forgive ourselves. This group will help guide you across the river to heaven on earth. This community is for you if you desire to move beyond your stories of unworthy, unlovable, and victim. This group is for you if you have found yourself being critical of others, pointing fingers as you poison them with your brand of unworthy. This community is for you if you have pushed loved away and are ready to swallow your pride. I hope to compassionately shed light on the shadows within you that are terrified of love.

May you find the grace to forgive yourself as you join us on this journey of collectively unmasking our shadows.

Our goal will be to share ideas, books, insight, events, music, retreats, art, creativity, and experiences in service to love.

It is my sincerest intention to heal the planet by inviting all humans to remember who they are.

You have been invited to cross the bridge to heaven on earth.

Join us here.

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