The Untouchables of Nepal

In the Spring of 2019 I traveled to Nepal to witness and articulate the story of The Untouchables. They are the Dalit- the lowest caste dotting the hillside of the Himalayas. Here is a peek into the truth they have to share.

What does life look like when you are forced to carry every drip of water you use on your back- up a hill. Actually more like carried on your neck- they attach the baskets to their bodies with one handle that goes across the forehead.


The journey to carry water up the rice paddies along the uneven paths takes an hour and a half round trip. You will need to make at least 3 trips a day if you want to survive. 

The caloric deficit caused by so much activity requires sufficient nutrients to replenish the drained cells of the body.

By the time you’ve gathered enough water for the day, you’re too exhausted or famished to work in the fields. You will spend the next couple of hours cooking and cleaning up after the meal. By this point, you feel so sweaty, so dirty. Your toes are caked with mud. Your hair is filthy and coated with a thin layer of oily dust. Working in the field in the hot sun is just excruciating under these circumstances- but the maize must be planted.

What little food scraps you have will now be rationed to the animals. If you do not feed the chickens, how will you get protein? 


The day rolls on like this, tangled in the dance of survival from sun up to sundown.

May the Himalayas that punctuate the horizon watch over you.