Storytelling in the Glass Rectangle Era

A branding & marketing course with soul.

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Tuesday, November 5th

11 AM - NOON

WeWork Lehi

1633 W Innovation Way

Wednesday, October 30th

10 AM - 11 AM

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Who are you?

Really, at your core, who are you?

Do you understand the transference of beliefs that need to occur for your clients to buy your goods/ services/ soul's creation?

Do you understand how to package those beliefs through words, imagery, website, social feeds?

Do you know how to honestly articulate the meat of what you or your brand is all about?

Marketing is not a race to the bottom, beating out the price of your competitors. Your task is to create a brand that feels like oxygen to your ideal clients. 

Inside every person is a driving force- it’s a purpose. It’s not an ad campaign or a slogan. It’s what drives you. This is the quality of your character.


It all starts with integrity and authenticity. Do you truly understand what you do in the World that is of benefit to others? Are you who you say you are? Your character informs your brand and your image- not the other way around.


To brand you and your livelihood. You need to define your attributes.

We tune out the noise and tune into your intuition.

We will uncover your superpowers as we create the road map to your truth.


Who am I?

I've been called a business doula, a business architect, and a business therapist. Additionally, I'm a silly, soulful, well-read, well-played, well-rested vessel of love. 

In my 20s I owned a multiple 6-figure fitness empire. I built it from the ground up- starting with $3K that I had saved from waitressing. I grew my dream to multiple locations, 22 employees, thousands of clients, a stint on a reality show,  and then an existential crisis erupted... When I awoke, I realized how entombed I was in the velvet coffin of my own design. I was beyond burned out, so what did I do- I burned my dreams to the ground.


I know first hand that running a company can be a lonely, isolating, and terrifying place. When I look back on all of that, I believe my biggest mistake was that I didn't believe I could ask for help. I'm here to offer my sturdy, well-rested shoulders to the community-builders and hustlers who are fighting the good fight on the front lines.

In this iteration of life, I now work with a variety of clients as a brand architect, business doula, photographer, designer, and marketing strategist. The need for honest and soulful narrative transcends industries, the age and size of the company, and services rendered. We all want to live in a World rich with connection, honesty and integrity. Let's lead by example as we seed the eruption of magic.

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. 

What will you receive?

The journey to create and market your brand with soul is the full spectrum experience. You'll breathe and walk differently when we're finished.


I've created a one-hour magic sampler for you. Get a taste of this oxygen that everyone's raving about. 

If you're a full-body yes and you can't imagine living another day without this oxygen I'll invite you to join my 4-week branding and marketing course. 

I found a way to package and offer what I provide in a one-on-one setting to a group. It's potent, it's powerful, it's fun, it's transformative, and it's affordable. 

I'll tell you more about it later, or you can poke around my website to read more about it, if you're one of those curious types. 

Now to return to what you'll receive from this workshop, I just thought your inner skeptic would appreciate knowing my intentions upfront.

The market for something to believe in is infinite.


In this workshop you will:


Unlearn what you previously believed branding and marketing to be.


In this one-hour marketing and branding workshop, we will uncover who you are, what it feels like to work with you, and what you're really selling.


Learn how to deliberately & cohesively communicate your superpowers across media channels and in person.

Gain clarity and insight on how to weave the tapestry of your story, effortlessly creating soulful engagement.


Learn to shine the spotlight on your client with every blog, email, and scrap of content, as you speak exactly to your ideal client's deepest fears and desires.


If you walk away with only one take away, I want you to know:

You matter.


It’s no longer about what you do.


It’s about WHY you do it.

This is your journey to find & articulate your WHY.



Stories knit together the realities of the past and future, of dreamed and intended moments. They teach us how we perceive and why we wonder.


Well-crafted branding and marketing can cost anywhere from $5K - $50K.


My rate averages $150/hour to work with clients one-on-one as we birth their brand baby.

Years of therapy to learn the truth of who you are will cost you thousands of dollars.

Do you know what's more expensive than all of that? The time you waste wandering around in the desert, not yet understanding how to communicate your narrative.


This workshop is free!

(Be sure to download the free finding your soul's story guide to get the most out of it.)

Just like you can’t reap a harvest without planting seeds, so you can’t get without giving.