You will be making a vow to yourself. A vow to walk in integrity, honoring your sacred rage, your sovereignty, and your heart as you connect your voice to your purpose. This will be your emancipation from the small silence of your inheritance. 

Many of us have been complicit in a World we inherited, denying the truth that lives in the base of our spine and our hearts.

We have said yes more than we have said no. We have silenced the fire, the sacred rage, the deep knowing in order to "keep the peace."

During this time, the time of the foam and the froth, you've been examining the bloody clay of your underbelly. You've been relishing in how simultaneously delicious and overwhelming it can be to feel, to feel so fucking deeply like you do.

We are meeting one another on the path as we return to the mud of earth. The collective compass has been shattered. We are reminded that we are our own North Star. The truth has always been inside of us. Together, we will calibrate our compasses in the desert. We will remember who we are as we bathe in the deep knowing of our soul. We will process. We will write. We will move. And we will remember so that we may never again forget our divine inheritance.



July 17th - 19th

Southern Utah Desert

YONI (27).png



To the courageous misfits and the rebellious visionaries, I see you and I honor you.

This weekend will be a journey through the layers of you. We will regain a connection to the lost pieces of ourselves. We will deepen into our innate wisdom.

This is for those who know the weight of the unbearable lightness of being. For those who have chosen the path of sovereignty- rebelling against their religion, their upbringing, their country, and all that society expected of them- in pursuit, instead, of their soul's purpose.

This is for those who will always take the road less traveled. 



You will root into the clay of the earth, learning to trust yourself and the innate, timeless movement of your body.

You will learn to trust your pleasure as you awaken to your appetite's erotic desires.

You will recover and claim your power as you explore the fire and the fangs of your rage. 

You will cross the threshold into cathedrals you never thought you could enter or thought you deserved.


You will alchemize your rage in the chambers of your heart. Recovering a sense of integrity as your heart reveals where you've denied yourself.

You will emancipate yourself from the small silence of your inheritance by finding the courage to speak with integrity. 

You will playfully weave your divine purpose into your vision as you sail down the river of truth.

It is in that cathedral that you will make an everlasting and timeless vow to yourself. 


The 8 sovereign beings have been spoken for. This sacred experience is full and is SOLD OUT.

This initial sacred journey will be kept intimate at only 8 women. Many of those spots are already spoken for, you know who you are. If you want to join, don't wait, follow your heart. 




Q: How are we going to do all of that in just 3 days and 2 nights?

A: Pure magik

Q: Where are we going?


A: Top secret location in the desert of Southern Utah. Address will be sent after booking. (about 4-hour drive from Salt Lake.)

Q: Will we be camping?

A: Yes. You are completely in charge of your tent/ van/ camping/ car camping setup. There will be a group text put together to coordinate any need for shared tents.

Q: Why aren't we staying in a lux house?

A: Many who know me know I lived in a van for a season, traveling all throughout the US. There is a liberation that comes from being caught in the dance of survival in the desert. It is truly the place to know yourself and your shadows. This will not be a spa weekend. It will be a liberation from the shackles of society.

Q: Are drugs/ alcohol allowed?

A: No. We will be getting deep into ourselves and our souls. This is a sober journey.

Q: Will food/ water be provided? 

A: No. We will all be sharing food pot luck style. A group thread will be put together once everyone has registered to discuss food and other logistics. Bring your own water

Q: How many people will be going?

A: I am capping this initial sacred ceremony at 8.

Q: What about restrooms?

A: Pack it out/ dig a cat hole. (We'll be far from civilization.)

Q: What should I pack? 

A; I will send out a packing checklist as the date gets a bit closer. It will have all you need to know.

Q: Ack/ why am I so scared of the unknown?

A: You're human.