You have created your brand from the depths of your soul.
Without honest, intelligent, soulful, playful, dualistic photography- how will you actually show your clients that you get it? The point of your brand's photography is to communicate what it feels like to work with you. Your photography should speak to the depths of your ideal client's soul.  They should see your feed, or your website and have an instant full-body yes. In order to have photography that authentically communicates that, you need to find a photographer who can really see you, in your multi-faceted form.
You need a photographer who can see layer upon layer inside of you. You need a photographer who's not afraid to dive deep with you. Everything I do and create comes back to my soul's purpose. I am here to see you in your rawness. I have this way of pulling it out of everyone I work with. Be it for marketing, branding, birthing your business, or photography- I live to witness and articulate the truth inside of you.
You already know you what you need.
You need soulful and playful photography to articulate your vision.
Invest in yourself, your dreams deserve it.
  • 2 hours of shooting

  • 1-2 locations

  • Up to 3 outfit changes

  • 45-minute strategy session included

  • Up to 40 images delivered.

Cost | $555


Carrie sees the raw version of you... beneath the shame. She connects with your inner 7-year-old & shows her a Love that manifests into permission in your present moment.

Permission to annex your body & personally architect every feeling, thought & belief associated with it.

Maybe its mirror neurons... maybe it's biological... maybe she's here to evolve our species & repair the relationship between masculine & feminine.

Jessi Bostic | Kismet Lending