My name's Carrie. I am an artist who has dedicated her life to speaking with emotional resonance. I guide myself and my clients through journeys of liberation, walking the path of unshackling in order to bloom into our full potential.


Seek not to cover the World in leather, just wear shoes.



The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.


Beyond that, I am a silly, playful, intelligent, soulful, unflinchingly curious, loving, strong, sensitive woman- who swings, jumps, runs, and dances through life like a 7-year-old with skinned knees and a shit-eating grin on her face.

I am a vessel of love who lives to create. Be it through movement, photography, writing, painting, designing, or curating experiences.

Some of my clients call me their business doula. Some their brand architect, and most call me their friend. I always show up with an excavator and a rock tumbler- digging for the buried treasure within your soul.

My favorite meetings occur at the secret swimming hole just down the stream from my house.

I have traveled, lived, explored, and photographed in numerous wrinkles and pockets of this World. I am and forever will be astounded by my connection to the Universe. It amazes me how we are so quickly rewarded as we each follow the paths of our own unfolding.

I was cloaked heel to throat in the mythology of my upbringing. And the small silence that came with it- telling me adult men were the only authorities on any matter, including my rights to sovereignty over my own body. 

I have chosen a path pushing back against the religion, community, beliefs, opinions, and shackles of my own inheritance- opting instead for this strangely untethered and connected experience I swim in and create from. 

There was a time in my life when my perceived unworthiness was my jailer. It took me traveling all around the world in various ways, seeking something externally that could only be found internally. I went on to build a small fitness empire. I thought that through "empowering" (how I loathe that word) other I would see my own worth shining back at me. In the end, I finally let go of all of it... and my life has forever changed.

I never thought I would be able to make the transition from living in and creating from the black hole in my solar plexus to living as an endless fountain in my heart... and then in one sudden moment, the metamorphosis happened. It came from a sudden understanding of my own inherent worth. And because I had spent my whole life looking for it, I was unable to see that it literally surrounds me. 

After that massive shift, life looks completely different. 

There has been so much space to blossom into my fullest self after alchemising my jailers into my wings. 

That journey of liberation and unshackling shows up in everything I do and create. It is in my work with clients assisting them in birthing their businesses, creating brands, the intimate photography I create through The Sovereign Sessions, and it was even a part of the experience when I had my fitness studios. Liberation is my deepest story and it weaves itself into everything I touch. 

I'm deeply interested in following the bread crumbs of ancient mythology and the poets of the ages- the literature of the soul offers the blueprint for my ancient purpose to bloom.


I live to honor and witness the creative fire longing to be released in us all.


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