I am a photographer, a marketing consultant, and a branding architect...


And if I'm being honest, I find those titles to be the least interesting tidbits about me.


Seek not to cover the World in leather, just wear shoes.



The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.


I am a silly, playful, intelligent, soulful, unflinchingly curious, loving, strong, sensitive woman- who swings, jumps, runs, and dances through life like a 7-year-old with skinned knees and a shit-eating grin on her face.

I am a vessel of love who lives to create. Be it through movement, photography, writing, painting, designing, or curating experiences.

Some of my clients call me their business doula. Some call me their sunshine. Sometimes I show up with an excavator and a rock tumbler- digging for buried treasure in your soul of course.

My favorite meetings occur at the secret swimming hole just down the stream from my house.

I believe if I were somehow the leader of the World, the best thing I could do for society would be to normalize nudity. This oppression and violence that stems from the deception of unworthiness and sinfulness that lead us to believe our bodies are profane in their natural form is so 357 A.D. 

I have traveled, lived, explored, and photographed in a variety of places in this World- primarily throughout Asia. Puhhleez tell me there are a few other Asian philosophy and culture enthusiasts out there- the US really bums me out. How can we not want to immerse ourself in the culture and history of our own species on the opposite side of this planet?!

In my 20's I created, owned and juggled far too many hats in my growing fitness empire. It grew to a 2 location enterprise with 22 employees and a reality show. I had to give it up the hard way when I found myself white-knuckling it and losing my sanity to keep everyone else happy but myself. I punished myself for a long time after that loss. My greatest crime was not being able to ask for help.

I had the amoeba on the side of a sponge sort of ego death after that. That was a really dark and depressing place. I had so many demons and shadows to confront during that time. Now I have a bit of an obsession with talking to others about what they've learned from cataclysmic failure. The lessons that come out of that sort of experience are just so raw, vulnerable, and valuable. They present so many keys to unlocking doors within one's own personal sense of self.

Despite all of that, I will never lose my love and appreciation for the sacred peace that comes from movement.


I value the trust that I have for my body as she dances through this earth in her playful demeanor. I trust my legs to carry me up mountains, I trust my ankles to support me as I leap up flights of stairs -often skipping stairs in between. I trust my hips to move with fluidity as I hold myself in my embrace or wiggle in the embrace of another. I trust my fingers to hold me as I ascend the vertical world and play on rocks. Hell, I even trust the rope to catch me as I fall- most of the time...

Some other random details about me that I find amusing are:

I was made in the Grand Canyon. My Mother was hiking rim to rim when she discovered I was growing in her belly. I was subsequently taken from my mother as she was poisoned with beliefs of unworthiness and shame for not being married- I mean it was the 80's.

I have a fake bachelor's degree from Western Kentucky- my Chinese boss made it for me... sweet gift, right?

The sweetest taste of liberation I've ever known was in a moment riding through the cornfields of Kansa with a Grey Hound Bus as my steed. I was 18 and liberating myself from the shackles of nearly everything I had been taught. I left everything behind- my family, my first fiancee, my religion, my community, my friends and in that moment- I knew I was free.

This would prove to be the first of many life evictions- I love that quote that goes something like- "You want a new life? It'll cost you your old one."

I'm the kind of person that fills up the whole page in the coloring book. I go out of the lines and off the page. I love the feeling of just ripping the page out when it no longer serves me. A lot of those actions sprung out of the deep well of grief inside of me- but the experiences have nourished me with wisdom and insight.

I spent the last Summer living in a van. I traveled with my partner and our 2 dogs all throughout the American West. Stopping for swimming, climbing, picnicking, photographing, and birding adventures- with a little bit of wigglin' mixed in.


Sure it's great to spend your days lying naked cradled in a hammock with the Sawtooths watching over you.. but if only you knew how F-in difficult it is to even make coffee in a cramped space that you can't even stand up in... My poor partner had to soothe my angry little 7-year-old self through countless meltdowns.

I relentlessly gush about how much I love my dog. I squeal with delight often. I love peeing outside- it makes me feel all naughty and tingly. And I'm learning to be deserving... even in the in-between moments. 

Everything I do and create comes back to my soul's purpose. I am here to see you in your rawness. I have this way of pulling it out of everyone I work with. Be it for marketing, branding, birthing your business, or photography- I live to witness and articulate the truth inside of you.

Site, words, and imagery created by the soul of yours truly.