You're here because you have a story to tell. You've found me because you know your story is ancient, you've lived and breathed your purpose for millennia. You've woken up in the information age. It's a confusing and over-stimulating place for people like us to navigate. The egoic pursuits of this World make your skin crawl. You've been deceived. Fear and shame kept your potent magic hidden away from this World. You've been told you were too much and you demanded too much. You refuse to accept the sickness of the World we've inherited.


You've heard the call- it is time for our magic to be revealed. The World needs us to bring our magic to the muggles. I am here to assist you as you step forward in the matrix with an integrated feminine and masculine tongue. 

The World is ready for the gifts of The Mother to be expressed. I offer my sturdy shoulders to the awakened men and women of the World. We need everyone who has done battle with their own egos to step forward and illuminate the shadow integration process for others. I too was once slain and split open by my own ego death.



My name is Carrie. I am a storyteller with an integrated feminine and masculine expression. I geek out on analytics and authorize my body and tongue to express its full range of emotions. I live and breathe to lend my sturdy shoulders to the awakening of the divine feminine. I am a vessel of love who celebrates and dances through the joyful expressions of the Universe. 




Your soul's story deserves to be heard. It deserves a strong and compassionate voice. A voice that speaks with intention and pierces the hearts of your seekers. Its voice should speak to everything that you are. Channeling your soul's voice into the glass rectangle/ screen era feels unnatural to our ancient bones. It can feel clunky and inauthentic to attempt to breathe your truth into the chaotic feeds of comparison and unworthiness. Channeling your voice in a cohesive and soulful way across a variety of platforms is extraordinarily challenging.


I believe we will eventually bust the matrix open with our truth. I believe we are consciously living right now to hospice out the old way of being, while collectively birthing the new age of The Mother. 

Through weaving a tapestry of experiences in this life-time, I have developed a toolbox full of support for my awakened community. Additionally, I can show up with an excavator and a rock tumbler when needed.

Here are the offerings of support I can give to you:


C. Cox | The Sovereign Sessions



BIG WORK | A 4-week branding & marketing course facilitated in a group setting.

BIG work is just as it sounds. It is BIG and it is work! Birthing an authentic brand with a dialed and authentic marketing strategy takes work. It takes deep-diving into your own soul to dig for buried treasure. This program is a 4-week long course. The next launch is coming soon. It is an opportunity to birth your soul's purpose with a community of insightful, creative, gifted beings of light.

Read more about BIG work here

BIG WORK | Customized


Did BIG work sound amazing to you, but you just can't wait to get this out of you? Are you 9 1/2 months pregnant with your story and it's aching to be birthed? Are you at a place in life where your time is more precious to you than money? 

Do you need hands-on assistance to bring the hazy pieces into reality?


 I help clients bring their businesses into the World in a one-on-one setting. I will provide you with the motivation, accountability, support, and knowledge to birth your brand. I am your mirror to reflect back at you the golden nuggets, and the lumps of coal. You get to utilize all of my branding, marketing, and design skills while we work together.

The birthing process takes anywhere from 2 - 4 meetings.





As a storyteller in the digital age, I live to articulate my client's souls truth as I bear witness to the truth in your life's work. I work with a variety of clients in a variety of industries articulating their intimate truth.  

All branded photoshoots are set up to communicate what it truly feels like to work with you. The photos we create speak to the broader wisdom of your innate gifts. 

This is a far deeper and richer experience than just taking beautiful photos. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of your marketing and branding strategy. You will be better able to articulate what makes you special. You will see how to build out your communication stream in the glass rectangle era.

It is my greatest hope and intention that you will use these the art we co-create to attract an abundance of beautiful, bright, and soulful clients.

$1111 | Branding Session

  • 2 hours of shooting

  • 1-2 locations

  • Up to 3 outfit changes

  • 45 minute strategy session included

  • Approximately 120 edited images delivered




The Sovereign Sessions are my soul's ultimate creation. They are a long pause as you breathe in your worthiness.

This is my loving response to an inheritance of shame, silence, and oppression. 

The Sovereign Sessions exist not despite, but because I was taken from my Mother as a 5 day-old baby.

They are my love letter to my Mother. I can't turn back time and change the past. I can't take away the pain that I caused you by growing in your belly. I can, however, use my artistic eye, my acceptance, and my love to heal that very same shame in other women who inherited the same World as you and I did.

The Sovereign Sessions are the exhale you've been longing for.

They exist so that you will never again forget how sacred, strong, and beautiful you are in every cell of your being.



I design websites, graphics, and branding kits. While it's something I can do and have offered to many clients, It's a creative form that I'm moving away from- as it keeps me isolated behind a screen. Ideally, most of my clients hire out their design work- but if you catch me in the right mood- I might be able to help you with a quick website polish or graphic.

Cost - $100 / hour


Thank you! I'll get back to you soon!